Kirsten Korhani
Chief Creative Director

Kirsten Korhani is a celebrated Creative Director who has made a name for herself in the home decor industry. Born in Hamburg, Germany, she pursued her passion for fashion and entrepreneurship, which led her to join KORHANI home in Canada. There, Kirsten brought her innovative approach to design, introducing fashion and style to the home decor sector. Her unique vision earned her a reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

kirsten korhani at Toronto Fashion Week

One of Kirsten's most notable achievements was her collaboration with IMG for the Toronto Fashion Show, where models walked down the runway wearing rugs as carpet couture. This ground-breaking approach earned Kirsten praise from industry insiders and established her as one of the most innovative talents in the field. KORHANI home was a founding sponsor of the event, which took place over six seasons.

Kirsten's creativity also shone through in her multimedia exhibition at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. She used cutting-edge technology to bring mannequins to life, showcasing KORHANI's decor pieces. The exhibition was a standout success and demonstrated Kirsten's ability to push boundaries.

kirsten korhani at Toronto Fashion Week

Kirsten's talents weren't confined to Canada - she also took KORHANI home to Berlin, Germany, during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The show was held in the iconic DZ Bank Headquarters, which was designed by the famous Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry. It was an exclusive event that showcased Kirsten's ability to bring fashion to unexpected spaces. The Government of Tourism also instead of doing traditional receptions to promote Canada as the destination to travel to, brought Kirsten to Berlin to create a “Canadiana” themed runway show using carpets to demonstrate and describe Canada’s multi-cultural country, it’s different themes, iconic symbols & special people, and characters.

Kirsten was also a part of the Vogue fashion night out in Berlin, where she served as a master of ceremonies. The event gave customers the opportunity to shop luxury boutiques, brands, and department stores and watch amazing fashion shows. Kirsten was also recognized at the Spoga + Gafa show, the world's largest garden and lifestyle event held every year in Cologne, Germany.

-Kirsten Korhani

Throughout her time at KORHANI home, Kirsten has developed four labels, each offering a range of products to cater to every taste. Her work on the commercials, media, and look of the brand have also been recognized and have aired on prime-time national television.

Kirsten currently splits her time between Canada and Europe, continuing to innovate and bring her unique vision to the world of home fashion.