Built in 24/7 Antimicrobial Protection

When you purchase a Korhani rug, you’re also purchasing peace of mind. Our rugs are treated with Microban® antimicrobial technology. This works to continuously inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria, resulting in a cleaner, longer-lasting rug.

Key Benefits of Korhani Rugs with Microban technology

  • Your rug stays cleaner and fresher in-between cleaning
  • Less likely to succumb to staining and bad odours
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Your rug is protected from the growth of harmful bacteria for its expected lifetime
  • Contains technology with a long history of safe use
korhani rugs with microban antibacterial protection Antimicrobial Protection
korhani rugs with microban antibacterial protection Works 24/7
korhani rugs with microban antibacterial protection Easier to clean
korhani rugs with microban antibacterial protection Protects against odours

How does Microban technology work to protect your rug?

Microban built-in technology is added to the backing of KORHANI area rugs and utility mats, providing constant protection from the growth of common damaging microbes. Microban technology is built-in during manufacturing, and the antimicrobial protection works 24/7 to keep the rug backing cleaner. Product protection that won’t wash off or wear away. It disrupts bacteria’s vital life process and biological functions, meaning they cannot grow or reproduce on the treated rug backing, which is often hard to clean.

Rugs treated with Microban provide key benefits in all areas that require cleanliness and ease of maintenance for indoor and outdoor environments. Microban technology does not affect the rugs’ aesthetic qualities, colors, and hand of the fibers and has a history of safe use.

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